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Musing on my TV watching last night...

Usually, when a product or an upcoming show is highly hyped I end up avoiding it ~ even if it's for something I really want, or really want to see. When commercials are repeated endlessly, especially if they're lame or annoying, I do get stubborn about not "buying," hahaa.
The Geeky Guy's 'Inner M'
However, there were two that I really didn't mind seeing whenever they came on. The first is that "Inner M" ad ~ I've really got a thing for that geeky guy on the copy machine (You can see it on this website, in either Windows Media or Quicktime format).

For some odd reason, I also didn't really mind seeing the Kelly Ripa promos for the TV Land Awards, which finally showed last night. The TV in my room usually only alternates between TV Land and Cartoon Network, and most often the sound is muted. Because I don't watch very much network TV or movies, I've never really noticed Ms Ripa before ~ but y'know, she does do a nice comic turn.

Anyway, the show wasn't too bad, but there were parts that I muted/didn't pay attention to because I had no interest in them ~~ such as whatever that "Heroes" show was ~~ people who know me, know that I have very little use for shlock about super-powered people or fantasy crap like Potter or LOTR ~~ sorry luvs, you realize I can be lame, please forgive me my dislikes and I'll forgive you yours ~~ and I also wasn't too crazy about the "Hee-Haw" tribute, because I vividly recall it (originally only a summer replacement series) as being a direct ripoff of "Laugh-In" ~ and, because it was done by and targeted to total hicks, it felt like an insult to Laugh-In, which was at the time an awesomely groovy show. I lived for the Smothers Brothers and Laugh-In.

Seeing how everybody had aged was amusing. Isn't it weird how people's faces get fat/puffy, saggy or wrinkly, even change color/hue, or all of the above? *christine looks in mirror, groans*

Last night I...
Kunta Kinte, boy and man ~ in 2007, LeVar Burton and John Amos
Re-lived how devoted to and impressed I was by "Roots."
Cracked up at the "Ugly Betty" spoof, "Ugly Betty White."
Was mesmerized by k.d. lang's appearance and demeanor ~ do I feel an affinity there? :)
Was touched by Carol Burnette with Lucie and Desi Jr.
Realized how much Chris Knight (Bobby from The Brady Bunch) resembles Seth MacFarland (Family Guy).

There's a really great website (not recommended for dial-up or slower connections) for the TV Land Awards Show at I enjoyed the little intro by Danny (Partridge) Bonaduce. I am tickled by how his voice sounds exactly the same as he did as a little kid, just as gravelly only in a lower register!


Heather Mills and Leonard Nimoy at the 2007 TV Land AwardsThe part of the TV Land Awards Show that really threw me for a loop was the inclusion of Heather Mills. What possible connection or contribution does the former "Lady" Mucca have to Classic TV, fer christsakes?! There are only two scenarios I can think of:

1) She introduced the award to Lindsay Wagner for The Bionic Woman, and they needed someone who could be able to say the hokey line, "from one bionic woman to another..." or

2) Some people in management either felt sorry for her situation with Paul and wished to try and balance her public image, or, conversely, wanted to capitalize on her notoriety. Is she sleeping with a Viacom exec? ani rolleyes smiley Or, maybe the big shots figured there might be a small segment of the viewing audience who would tune in just out of curiosity. It's befuddling to me.

BTW, I've seen her dance moves on YouTube ~ I can't make myself stoop so low as to actually tune in to watch those "idol" or "competition" so-called reality shows, but I was curious as to how she looked. I'll admit she dances gracefully, but it's not the classic grace of a Ginger Rogers. Her moves are blatantly seductive and slutty. I suppose that's the cool way to do it now, but I don't have to approve of it just because it's popular.

Anyway, it seems I've kind of overdone it here raving about the TV Land Awards show. (They oughta send me a few bucks for the advert, hahaa) If you want to see it for yourself, it's going to encore on the following schedule:
  Monday, April 23 at 8PM /7C          
  Tuesday, April 24 at 9PM /8C          
  Wednesday, April 25 at 10PM /9C          
  Thursday, April 26 at 4PM /3C          
  Friday, April 27 at 12AM /11PM C 
  Saturday, April 28 at 8PM /7C      
  Sunday, April 29 at 2AM /1C 


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