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Mitch Axelrod Post re: Beatletoon Cels, Etc.

Posted 2/2/05 on newsgroup
By "Beatletoon," (alias THE *Mitch Axelrod*)
-- the world's foremost authority on The Beatles Cartoons!

Subject:  Cool Beatle Cartoon Stuff

As many of you are aware, I have been consulting on numerous Beatles cartoon projects that have produced some really great items like the McFarlane figures, Vandor items (with more to come), etc.  I am very happy that these companies have asked me to be involved and that hopefully their products and the sales of my book Beatletoons will force Apple to release the series on DVD in the very near future.
The company that I am REALLY excited about is the DenniLu Company.  They have acquired the license to create cels from the cartoon series and they are GREAT. The first series was okay and they have just released the 2nd series which actually has scenes from the episodes.  We are currently sorting through the episodes to pick and choose the most crucial, and fun, scenes from each one so all future cels will be really bright, colorful, fun and most of all, cool to have on your wall.  I have received samples of these pieces and they are SUCH a conversation piece and everyone asks about them as soon they enter the room where they are hanging.  Even my MOTHER IN-LAW likes them (and she doesn't like ANYTHING...LOLOL).
I can promise you that future images will be awesome.  Please give them a moment and check it out at:
Have a great day everyone!
Mitch Axelrod

 . . . (eppylover is intrigued!)


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