christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Shalom! Happy Passover!

This is lovely...
A celebration of Passover in sound and pictures.

from Harvard Lampoon 1977 Beatles spoof issue
Click to play A Hard Day's Night in Yiddish

Sung by Gerry Tenney Lost Tribe

If that link doesn't work try [ THIS ONE ]
or [ THIS ONE ]

The website for the group:
Here also you will find this song, along with a few other mp3's for your listening mechaiyeh! :)

A personal note:
Your Secular Humanist Jewish-wannabe eppylover is such a damn dumbass shiksa!

She just realized that she has been properly noshing away on matzos & cream cheese, has some blackberry Manischewitz ready for a bedtime shlurp, and...

...this is embarrassing...

she is eating her supper of pork ribs in bbq sauce! Oy frickin' gevalt.
(Don't tell on me, please!)
ani blushing smiley

Lastly, an Update on the Matzah Bus!
..........Thanks to the most informative ladyeffingbroke


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