christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

High School Artwork

Someone on my flist had a meme about what your drawings say about you, or something to that effect.
I'm less than uninterested in the meme (like all memes, ugh), but it made me remember something that happened last summer...

Ma and I got talking about my high school art, and where all that stuff went to. She told me that 36 years ago she and dad rolled up a bunch of them (chalk, acrylics, watercolors, etc), slipped them into cardboard tubes, and stored them in the ceiling rafters of the basement.

We went down there, found what we could, and I took them home.

Now, I'm far from being Freud, but OMG, I don't think I'd have to be an analyst.
Seeing as these artworks were done mainly in 1967, 68 & 69...
Fact: Eppy died in August of 1967.

Stephy, not knowing the implications, was quick to start laughing at what she considered the goofy lameness of the art.

But I went into a sort of shock, and immediately saw them for what they were.
Let me know what you think ~~

Up until those high school classes, my landscapes had a lot more to them: lots of flowers, trees, bushes, ponds, whatever. But starting "some time" in 1967, each time we were asked to do a "landscape" type of work, it would be a very barren-looking thing... maybe with a stagnant-looking stream or body of water in it, or not... with one lone tree in the distance. There may have been mountains and clouds and such, but always nothing but ground and maybe some grass... and always that one distant tree somewhere in the picture.

Back then I couldn't have realized that there was any deep meaning to what I was doing.
I was just doing my art assignments.
But I see it so clearly now. And it hurts again, all that pain I was repressing.

And now Stephy laughing her head off, spreading her arms and saying, "Nooottthhhiinnggg.........tree."

I didn't say anything to her, just laughed along.

But I couldn't stand it anymore, and when she went to her room they all went in the trash
except for one acrylic the size of a large postcard that depicted... you guessed it...



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