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My Fave PPG Ep!

A few years back, I loved this episode of The Powerpuff Girls so much, I had to buy the video. Now I've found a site with the entire transcript of the episode. I heard somewhere there are, like, 1001 references to the Beatles in this episode. Here is but a tiny excerpt:


Episode number: 39
First aired: February 9, 2001
Written by: Craig McCracken
"In Memoriam: George Harrison (1943-2001)"

[The Beat Alls are shown looking down from a balcony, like The Beatles appear on the cover of the Please Please Me, Red (1962-1966) and Blue (1967-1970) Albums]

[An image of the Power Puff Girls is shown] Voice: The girls were defeated by The Beat Alls 'til eventually the girls stopped showing up entirely [girls fade until they've totally disappeared from the scene]... and The Beat Alls had a ticket to ride.

[The 4 are shown on the stage of a concert, attacking members of a band that looks suspiciously like.. The Beatles (gasp!) as Mojo points his blaster at the audience] Mojo Jojo: Will the people in the cheap seats, please leave? And the rest of you — hand over your jewelry!

Voice: Having finally bested the Power Puff Girls, The Beat Alls rushed to the top of the charts of the Most Wanted lists. [Cut to The Beat Alls appearing on a 'Wanted!' poster which resembes a poster for 'A Hard Day's Night'.] When questioned, authorities had this to say...

[A police officer with white hair and a moustache is shown as he addresses the press] Officer: Thank you. My name is Sgt. Pepper of the Townsville Police, and at the request of my commanding officers, I'd like to make this statement: Help! We need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help! We need the Power Puff Girls!! *ahem* Thank you...

Voice [person speaking is shown to be a reporter, speaking to a camera]: So, there you have it. The Beat Alls have taken over. The girls have taken off. Will they return? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But as they say - tomorrow never knows. I'm Stuart Best, and this has been A Day in the Life.

Buttercup [who has been watching the program in her home along with Bubbles and Blossom]: Uck! Turn it off!! Who would make a stupid documentary about The Beat Alls anyway?

[The Professor enters the room, holding a newspaper in his hand] Prof: Girls, girls! I read the news today.. Oh boy!

Blossom [takes the paper and looks at the front page, reading aloud]: "Beat Alls Crash Mr. Kite's Benefit Today, Power Puffs Nowhere in Sight." So what??

Professor: Ah girls... Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away. Now it seems they're here to stay. Sitting here 8 days a week, everybody seems to think you're lazy. I don't mind; I think they're crazy! But, you used to be running everywhere at such a speed. Now, you think there's no need!

Buttercup: There isn't!

Bubbles: If we can't stop The Beat Alls...

Blossom: we're never saving the day again!

Professor: Oh, you can't do that... What will Townsville do when they look for the girls with the sun in their eyes and they're gone?

Blossom: But.. what can we do?

Professor: Well, first you have to realize that The Beat Alls are just a rock band!

Power Puff Girls: HUH??

Professor: Er.. Fuzzy, he does that rock.. thing... you know! But that's not important. What is important is this -- Mojo Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner, but he knew it couldn't last. He's just getting by with a little help from his friends!

Buttercup: Are you saying we should try and break up The Beat Alls?

Bubbles: Is that possible?

Professor: Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the time!

Girls: But HOW?

Professor: Listen, do you want to know a secret? [He whispers to the girls]

Announcer Voice: Sounds like the professor has some magical mystery tricks up his sleeve!


See the entire transcript HERE. See a bunch of screen grabs HERE.

Tags: beatles, caricatures, cartoons, george harrison, john lennon, parody, paul mccartney, ringo starr, yoko

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