christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Ms. Mills on Leno


Went to bed around 8:30pm last night,
and just happened to wake up around 11:15pm,
so I watched Leno.

Roseanne Barr was way too nice to Heather Mills, unfortunately. I wanted to hear a little bit more of the insults that Roseanne is famous for. Hmmm, maybe she isn't really that familiar with the details, or hasn't been following the news through the eyes of a Beatle fan, and ~ well, she's had her own to-do's with husbands herself ~ so maybe she thought she could relate. I dunno ~ however, it's too bad we didn't see any fur fly, because Roseanne's image is that of a bitch, after all, and at least she admits it. Traif will fly before you ever see Saint Heather own up to any wrongdoings, though.

I believed it for not one minute when Heather claimed that, prior to this, she had been trying to avoid publicity. She said she was surprised when "that tabloid" announced "in error" that she was set to be on "Dancing With The Stars." So, she said she decided why not, and rang up the show to ask about it... they were pleased as punch to have her... but she wouldn't go on unless they gave her X amount of dollars "for her charity."

Lady mucca described in detail the motorbike accident that chopped off (actually pulled off) her leg. And then she laughed like a loony when everyone acted grossed out.
Heather ~ just a tad of cloth short of doing a Britney
What really grossed ME out, however, was that she wore a very short dress and, under the pretense of showing off how well her leg was strapped on, made sure the cameras could see all the way up to her crotch. She was wearing dark skimpies.

At the end of the interview, Leno wished her luck with her dealings with the divorce thing, but that he couldn't say a word about Paul because of the court case still in progress. She then claimed that everything was coming along fine, and that she was having nice phone chats with him, and that he sent her flowers. *cough*

No, I haven't been watching "Dancing With The Stars" and have no desire to do so, not at all. That type of TV fare ~ reality shows, "idol" (competition) shows, etc. ~ bore me silly.

I certainly do not need to be sillier than I am already.


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