christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Wie idiotisch! This auction from Germany gave me a giggle.

Brian wants y'all to give him a frickin' breakABBA in the USA 1975, meeting Brian Epstein!!!
Item being auctioned:

What is wrong with this auction description?!

1. The man in the picture actually looks like Sid Bernstein (photo).
2. The image in the article was taken in 1975. Brian died in 1967.
3. So! Logic tells us that zombie Brian resembles his friend Sid
(great interview here, BTW)

Mystery solved.

Here's the part in the April, 2001 interview (above link) where Sid mentions Brian:
Digger: ....... Brian Epstein.

Sid: Trustworthy, unbelievable. We made three historic
agreements on the phone. No contracts. Never changed
a dot over the 'i' or a cross over the 't' and these were
very important deals. And with this agreement he made
with me I found him totally trustworthy.

Digger: What a lovely man.

Sid: He was. Queenie died a year or so ago and Clive
died while skiing. Clive had become a very close friend
of mine and unfortunately died while skiing with his
wife. Henry is the one I still keep in touch with,
that's Clive's son.

Digger: Is there any family resemblance there?

Sid: I didn't notice it. Maybe closer to
Brian than to his father.

Digger: It used to make me very cross when they
talked about Brian and his merchandising deals as I
thought it was a blinkered view. Because of all the
things he HAD achieved, critics always have to
latch on to something.

Sid: I thought Brian was utterly brilliant.

Digger: It was impossible to imagine the
pressures he was under.

Sid: He was courteous and bright.
I thoroughly liked him.
A more recent Sid Bernstein
Sid Bernstein recently

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