christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Sunday Sermon ~ The Imaginary

Disclaimer for Sundays
If you're a regular reader and a Christian
(or similarly afflicted with the mindset of any brand of religiousity),
you already know to avoid this journal on Sundays.
However, if you're
relatively new to me
~ welcome friend! ~
on weekdays, please enjoy my random scribblings, raves and rants on Eppy, Beatles, and everything that happens to assail my consciousness, unconsciousness and subconsciousness. Feel free to friend me and/or comment to me. If you don't wish to expose yourself (and yes, there are good reasons), I love anonymous comments, too ~ believe it or not!

a little song, a little dance,
a little seltzer down your pants
In conclusion...
Depending upon your "faith"
be on your guard on Sundays.
The eppylover never wishes to offend,
yet she must have her day
to indulge in her own non-beliefs
and vent her frustrations.

Being a little pressed for time, and lacking any ambition today, I pass the pulpit over to our guest preacher, neongoddess.

She provides us with a link:

God Is Imaginary

Knock yourselves out. :P

L'Ogre just came home from his trip that I THOUGHT was going to last until tomorrow night.
He just had to brag to me that it was a "Childrens Fest," and waved the program in front of me, like I would ever actually look at it.

Oh gee willikers, I'm SO proud that he took part in a 3-day brainwashing of little kids.


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