christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Carlin uploads

I'm really quite tired and might just go nighty-night right after I type this... and then again might arise again at 2 or 3am to do more here; who knows!

Anyhow, before they expire, I just want to clue you in that there are several George Carlin albums that I uploaded to the comedy_albums community, and they will only be active for another day or so... you will currently find them the third entry down (the one with the Eppy icon, of course!)

...then, the latest upload, of his most recent album called "Life Is Worth Losing" is at the top of the pile. It was uploaded by somebody else FOR me and is probably still active.

I've got another couple George Carlin CD's on hold for me at the library and I'm thinking of uploading them when they arrive. :)

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