christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Sunday Sermon ~ Evangelical Hamburgers

Disclaimer for Sundays
If you're a regular reader and a Christian
(or similarly afflicted with the mindset of any brand of religiousity),
you already know to avoid this journal on Sundays.
However, if you're
relatively new to me
~ welcome friend! ~
on weekdays, please enjoy my random scribblings, raves and rants on Eppy, Beatles, and everything that happens to assail my consciousness, unconsciousness and subconsciousness. Feel free to friend me and/or comment to me. If you don't wish to expose yourself (and yes, there are good reasons), I love anonymous comments, too ~ believe it or not!

a little song, a little dance,
a little seltzer down your pants
In conclusion...
Depending upon your "faith"
be on your guard on Sundays.
The eppylover never wishes to offend,
yet she must have her day
to indulge in her own non-beliefs
and vent her frustrations.

Firstly, on the lighter side: A video

Evangelical Atheist

Nextly, on the logical side: a diatribe from Troy Sheets ~~

I just can't get over the fact that there are bible passages on "In and Out Burger" packaging.

Rainforests are slashed to make way for cattle, or else the cattle are just raised in dark bins on a diet of chemicals, they excrete an unimaginable amount of biological wastes, they eat grass which leads to erosion...

they eat the grain that could be feeding starving third world nations, then they are killed by a hammer blow to the skull, then they are packaged in paper from trees, and then we eat it (yum!) and we get heart disease, killing us early...

and then the paper goes into landfills. All in the name of Jesus Christ!

This, once and for all, proved to me that Christianity is evil, and anyone who believes in that sort of "Christians have dominion over the Earth, and therefore destroying animal and non-Christian lifeforms is okay" philosophy is fucked in the head.

Oh, they have one of the most well-organized political action systems in the nation too.

My dad always warned me that Catholic girls were the most promiscuous of them all. News stories about priests raping boys don't shock me anymore...

All clergy wear black... nuns slap kids' fingers with rulers when their penmanship is poor...

I could go on. Do you worship the Earth and the Life it supports? You must be a pagan satanist.

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