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An open response to a sweet flister ~~

~~ and why rpg and fanfic bother the eppylover so greatly, while satire and parody do not ~~

ilovethebeatles writes [ here ] ~~
mrs_evansof_mal and i've created a community called imaginerpg and we're looking for people to join and roleplay with us (we've already got a john, mal, george, and a jane) would you be interested in taking brian's spot?
eppylover's answer ~~
Thank you for the invite, luv, and for thinking of me when you think of Brian! It makes me smile.

However, sorry, I cannot do either rpg or fanfic ~~ and I shall confess the reason ~~ it is mainly because I've got a huge, huge problem with the basic human morality of fictionalizing a real person. Even if they're dead. This is just me and one of my quirks.

A couple of years ago, I tried doing that (fictionalizing Brian) [ HERE ]. It was a sort of fanfic written as a journal that Brian was supposedly writing. Even Stephy liked it, and it is unusual for her to take that much of an interest in anything mom is doing ~ but she even began dreaming up situations for Brian to get into.

For some odd reason, though, I found myself gradually becoming very uncomfortable with it. Very. I felt ashamed of myself, ashamed of my pretentiousness.

What happened was, I discovered how I would feel if somebody did that to me, even in a complimentary fashion. I'd be offended as hell that someone would assume that they could get into my head, that they would assume to know how I would react in any given situation. Even if it was for fun. The "fun" being enjoyed by the fans or writers would translate into something quite different for me if I found myself portrayed online.

People today, however, have a very different mindset on the matter than I do...
so I judge not.
I judge not.
I merely avoid it.

This may be why I have such mixed feelings about The Fifth Beatle Movie that's being made. I so want to spread the word of Brian, I want good publicity for Brian, I want him to become as well-known and loved as his boys, and so forth ~ and what better way than a (hopefully hit) motion picture to help him achieve some of the honours that were so rudely and painfully denied him, even now.

Honours denied him even in death, such as never being recognized in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, for one, confuses the hell out of a lot of people, not just me ~ and his inexcusable omission from the MBE's when his boys received them was a disgrace I blame on the anti-semitic homophobic leanings of the then-Prime Minister of England. I say "leanings" because Prime Minister Wilson himself may not have felt that way, but he was kowtowing to the public, and evidentally felt his career could not afford the offense of honouring a gay Jew. So be it.

For some odd reason, I have absolutely no problem with making a comic or cartoon of real people (such as chibbeatles, how I miss it), because I'm very fond of satire ~~ Saturday Night Live, Harvard Lampoon, Weird Al Yankovich, cartoons like Futurama's "disembodied heads of celebrities" and the "Meet The Beat-Alls" episode of The Powerpuff Girls ~~ and comedians such as Robin Williams doing impressions of celebrities.

For example, a recent find on eBay that I was able to steal purchase was a 1977 Beatles issue of National Lampoon that I'd had my eye on for a few years, and this was the very cheapest I'd ever seen it!

The parody of Eppy in that issue, however, is QUITE stunningly tasteless, to the point where it took my breath away ~ from screaming with laughter. It robs poor Brian of dignity so badly, though, so I doubt if I'll ever scan the pages and put them online. Good lord, it's tasteless!

A clever parody is one of my greatest pleasures.

But fanfic and rpg are, at least in my heart, worlds away from satires and cartoons. Go figure.

So, hon, have fun with whatever you do.
And I wish you success with the community, for whatever it's worth coming from me.
Please don't miss me. Be kind to your Eppy character, John character! ani wink smiley ~ BeatleLinks style

Here, again, is the community, for whoever wants to look into it: imaginerpg

Tags: beatles, brian epstein, fanfic, parody, satire

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