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The Eppy-less "Our World" Satellite Broadcast

Your faithful eppylover was cruelly de-internetted last night.
No, t'was not the evil work of l'Ogre this time around.
Rather, that's what happens when you don't pay Comcast for two months. Oops-duh. ani blushing smiley
Please don't divorce me, DreamBrian! I admit to being a goyishe kop!

In answer to a question from beatlegirl59 in my latest beatlepics Eppy-Spam

Brian Epstein was not present for the actual Our World "All You Need Is Love" first-ever worldwide satellite broadcast.
Brian attended only the All You Need is Love DRESS REHEARSAL where these pics, among many others, were taken on June 25, 1967 ~
this was the last professionally-done photo session he ever was in, by the way ~

~ Brian later went home, claiming that he preferred to watch the actual broadcast on his own TV. However, that was probably just an excuse, because after his death, other friends were later to admit that he had gotten it in his mind that his boys did not want him in there for the worldwide transmission, or that he felt he had no place in it ~ perhaps his shyness was showing? LSD had stripped him of his ego.

Also, he was still feeling hurt from when, weeks before, he announced very proudly, grandly and triumphantly that he had worked really hard and had succeeded in setting up their appearance in this very, very historical transmission! To his horror, the boys just acted like they didn't hear him, and went on as if he hadn't said a thing. Finally, an angry John yelled at a confused Brian that The Beatles weren't consulted beforehand, and that Mr Epstein KNEW they never wanted to perform live for the public again! But, since it was all a signed and done deal, they had the right to feel trapped and betrayed. (Spoiled is what they were!) This is similar to the attitude they exhibited toward him when he signed them up for the "Yellow Submarine" cartoon, which they called "Brian's Folly."

Now Brian felt awful about the satellite broadcast, even though it was one of the best deals he ever made for them. So, that was probably why he ended up going home that day and not being in the chorus with the rest of them. This is why you see him in the rehearsal photos and not the "Our World" video.

July ~ Brian's father died. An awful month for him.

Then, in August, Pattie got them all involved with Maharishi. For the sake of his boys, Brian acted interested, but in reality had very mixed feelings of mistrust about the giggling guru. (He turned out to have been very intuitive about him, didn't he!) The boys begged Eppy to travel along with them to Wales, but for the first time Brian turned them down and said he'd be there the following Monday instead. (Not a good move, my love. I wish they'd twisted your arm harder on that one.)

Very shortly after Brian's death, Paul noticed that the group was disoriented, at a great loss, and dissolving in confusion, so he took the upper hand and rolled them up for the Magical Mystery Tour, which Brian had been helping with until then.

The first song John wrote after Brian died was "I Am The Walrus" ~ a song that, to me, has always shown how awfully torn up his mind was about Brian. All that would come out of him were lyrics of bewilderment and nonsense and pain and confusion.

Here's a great timeline for 1967, go down to June 25 ~

And another one ~


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