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"Beatles Biggest Secrets" Trash Dump

Tony Barrow

This post is regarding that special that was excreted upon us, from the BBC America channel (which is not available where I live).

Prior to its airing Saturday, I had been poking my head into BeatleLinks Fab Forum. There are several people in England who post there, some around my own age, who had said, when the promos were described to them, that it sounded like it was going to be the same old piece of tabloidy sensationalist shit that was on their Channel 5 Network over a year ago ~~ they clued us in that, when the show wasn't rehashing the same old boring stuffs we've heard many times, they were using that damn Tony Barrow's innuendo about Brian "pimping" for his boys and "paying off" girls that his boys made pregnant.

That's where I got the first hints of what BBC America was going to show. I was hoping they wouldn't spread that tripe over here, but I guess it had to happen.

Some time back, I made a post explaining that stuff, and also getting into why Barrow wasn't quite the Beatles "expert" he makes himself out to be, because the boys liked to bullshit him (they felt he was pretentious), and Barrow took a lot of their put-ons seriously, and printed them as Beatles "revelations" or "secrets" years later.

Tony Barrow, like Peter Brown, is capitalizing on his former position as a "not-quite-inner-circle" person (claiming to be actually Inner Circle) to mine as much gold as he can, from scraping rumour muckage, puffing it up and claiming it as the truth. A publicity agent and press officer to the core, he knows how to network, knows all the best connections and contacts, and is very, very adept at the hard sell. He's also handy with which levers to pull to score a jackpot to fill his pockets. Slime sells these days, and you can scrape a lot of it off a dead man who can't speak in his own defense.

Earlier, Barrow had written some nice stuff about Eppy, but that was in the days when dragging celebrities through the mud was not the thing to do. It's obvious that Barrow did not love Brian like his boys did, like Tony Bramwell, Alistair, Derek, etc. etc. did. In fact, Barrow admits that, at the start, he disliked Brian quite a bit ~ until someone actually had to explain to him that Brian's "stuffiness" was just a big front for his intense shyness. Barrow didn't get some things exactly correct, mainly because the boys did not allow him to be as much of an "insider" as he claims he was. It's a big tipoff when you note that they never chummed around with him. He was only there when his job and Mr Epstein required him to be there.

I really wish that Tony Bramwell possessed the power and the connections that Barrow does. Being a childhood buddy, Bramwell was always much closer to the boys ~ and is heavily into reality, not rumour. Unfortunately, Barrow is the Tony with the press and publicity savvy.

I shall quote from a couple of after-show comments:

I am voraciously pissed that the Beatles special on BBC America was crap, complete crap. I did not find out ONE SINGLE NEW THING I DID NOT KNOW ALREADY, even with two hours worth of material.
Yeah, I feel pretty trashy after watching that tabloid crap.
I hope people with little knowledge of the Beatles do not actually believe this shit. Barrow "revealed" that Brian paid off pregnant girls to 'shut up'.... now that's just plain tacky and sad, really.
Yeah, I always thought/read it was Neil and Mal who brought the girls in for them, I didn't understand how Brian would even have had anything to do with it. Whatever. They tried, but it didn't take, whomever was trying to villainize him in that way...
Yeah, sounds like it was the same show I mentioned before. Bummer.

They talked about Brian allowing assistants to pimp for the boys, didn't they?
That's all Tony Barrow crap, that's where they got that from.
It makes me want to cry thinking how many people watched it again, and are gonna suck up that bunch of pure garbage.
Give Eppy a frickin' break, willya?He made it seem like providing prostitutes for his boys was BRIAN'S idea.

According to people like Alistair and Derek, actually Brian was quite disgusted by it and was never present when it happened ~ Brian was known to have forcefully escorted girls OUT rather than in ~ it was Neil & Mal's job to "procure girls" usually, on the insistence of the boys themselves.

Barrow makes it seem to us that Brian, being a homosexual, of course had no morals, so the prostitutes HAD to have been his doing.

I'll agree that he often cleaned up after their messes. I'd guess that he was following his parents' example, and adopted the method they used to buy their son out of his gay troubles with the police.

The Beatles were gonna do what they were gonna do, regardless of what their manager wanted, and poor Bri didn't know how else to protect them and their careers.


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