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Shabbat Shmooze ~ a comic to help you easily grok things Jewish while you chuckle

Shrimp are one of the "traif" (i.e., non-kosher or forbidden) foods.
This comic stars Mr Shrimp, The World's Largest Shrimp, and his adventures hanging out with the Orthodox Brooklynite, Mr Dave.

"Shkoyach" (sh·koy·uch) - A mashed together version of "Yasher Koach", (literally, "May Your Strength be Straightened"), but more effectively translated loosely as "Way to Go", or "More Power to Ya".

From the website:
Sh'koyach is the story of the agnostic, temperamental and obnoxious Shrimp ~ and Dave, a single, mild-mannered orthodox Jew living in Brooklyn, NY. From fear of being eaten by goyim, Shrimp moves in with Dave and a social conflict sparks between them. Living with him, Shrimp learns all about what its like to live as an Orthodox Jew. Sh'koyach's humor runs along the lines of orthodox judaism poking fun at and explaining various terms and concepts in modern day jewish life.

David Ben-Yshay has been a fan of comics since the age of 6. He has aspired to draw his own comic from the moment he picked up a pencil. Hes been drawing ever since. This comic strip has been mostly inspired by great jewish comic strips like Shabot 6000 and The Doodle Family.

It starts here ~ click to continue to the rest

No. It's true. There is such a thing as kosher bacon! Although I wouldn't recommend it

Make sure you read the little blurbs written below the comic ~ he explains what everything means in a way anybody should be able to appreciate.

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