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Yesterday and Today
In Brian Epstein History

Feb 12

Brian is at the New Arts Theatre, London, as producer of `A Smashing Day'.
Evening: Brian attends `Disc and Music Echo' Valentine awards night, at the Hilton Hotel, London.

Feb 13

Start of stay at Miami. Dezo Hoffmann is with them.

Brighton. Ringo and Maureen's wedding trip.
Brian, Marianne Faithfull, Adrienne Posta and Ted Ray appear on `Juke Box Jury'.

Brian throws a party at 24 Chapel Street.
Guests, among others: Cilla Black, Gerry and the Pacemakers and wives,
John and Cynthia, Ringo and Maureen, Paul and Peter Asher.

Is Paul McCartney driving Heather Mills into the poorhouse?
(Gee, I hope so!)
(It's called: pick up in whorehouse, deposit in poorhouse!)
(Sorry, that was bad) *snork*

For Your Eppification:

pssst ~ notice the pupils of his eyes ~ omg


I know this is old news, but
here's the bottom line:
The new settlement replaces the 1991 agreement
and gives Apple Inc. ownership of all the trademarks
related to "Apple." In addition, Apple Inc. will license
certain of those trademarks back to Apple Corps for
their continued use.
Oh my.

In other words, Steve Jobs calls the shots now for Neil Aspinall when it comes to anything called "Apple" ~ and Neil has to go to Steve for licensing of anything called "Apple" for The Beatles.

Well. There goes a long, long tradition.
But Neil seems to be happy that it's all over,
and Steve seems to have a hearty respect
and love for The Beatles.

Although we all know what would happen
if it came right down to a choice between
Steve's Beatle love and his money...

At least nobody but The Beatles themselves (and their families and attorneys, under Neil's umbrella) has any power over the trademark "The Beatles." reports that Neil has probably gotten the boys quite a sizeable royalty deal on the iPod and downloading of the albums... and they're guessing that you won't be able to download singles, only full albums.

Click on the Aspinallink on the What Goes On website. It's a great and informative article, even if it IS on the Fox News site (watch for popups, if they're a problem for you).

BTW, I'm still looking for newer pics of Neil for my friend. Especially ones from either the Cirque LOVE premiere, or from the latest Apple/Apple affair. I swear, the man's a f*ing hermit!


For those of you who are REAL geeks, here are actual scans of the original 1991 agreement between the two Apples:

Some non-Beatley news ~ another oh my ~

Twentieth Century Fox tapped Hollywood actors Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise to play the leads in "The Hardy Men," a film based on the series "The Hardy Boys."

Stiller is producing the action comedy "The Hardy Men" with Red Hour partner Stuart Cornfeld's storyline and Robert Kosberg, who owned the original "Hardy Boys" rights and brought the project to Red Hour eight years ago, Variety said Tuesday.

In the movie's storyline, the pair plays the youthful sleuths now grown up. Long estranged, they're brought together to solve one last case.

Fox is searching for a writer to rewrite the script. Fox said it hopes to put it into production by 2008.
I can do without Cruise, but he seems to be a good match for my Ben Stiller ~ who I love primarily because I love his parents more!

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