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Must be EverybodyElsesSpace, because it's certainly not MySpace...

I'm trying to put a Brian update in MySpace, to reach the Eppy lovers there. Plenty of them, I would imagine.

It won't let me sign in, no matter what I do. This isn't the first time.

There was a time when MySpace felt like lowering itself to let me sign in ~ however, when I wanted to get somewhere, I couldn't find a simple link to let me get to where I wanted to go.

MySpace apparently provides different methods of communicating with other people, none of them logical. Someone makes a comment to you, and there is no "reply" link. I'm not about to travel all the way over to TheirPlace and comment under nothing.

That site makes no sense whatsoever.

There is no guaranteed way to search for people with similar interests. I have Brian Epstein plastered all over mine, and have a Brian blog there, but when you search for Brian Epstein does it list the eppylover?

I've set my preferences to keep audios and videos from automatically playing when I look at SomeoneElsesSpace ~ but whenever I'm not signed in, those automatically-playing media cripple my computer.

Eventually, no matter what, one or more of those stupid animated ADVERTS crashes my computer.
Advertisements suck anyway! I miss the old internet, before advertisers discovered it. I would never have an LJ "plus" account, even though they do try to make the ads as unintrusive as possible (thank you, LJ).

I fricking HATE MySpace!
WHY WHY WHY is it so popular???

How am I going to spread the Eppy love there, if I can't get it to cooperate with me? :(

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