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Heil! Jew-bashing Christians!

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Online Anti-Semetic Fundamentalist Xians ~ but should they be CENSORED?

Feb. 3rd, 2007 @ 08:21 pm
israel_isaiah, posting in weirdjews

The Federal Court of Australia has ordered a Christian website
to remove its antisemitic material, after the Executive Council
of Australian Jewry sued the website. (Click here.)

To slither over to the lighter, albeit über-tasteless side, slap yer orbs on this doozy:

Jesus Is Hitler

And then back to bitter reality:

What Really Happened: The Christians and The Nazis

Christine picks out a Key Excerpt:

"The worldwide Christian community knew nothing of the horrors of the Holocaust until very late in the war, and that's why they didn't say anything. Once the news got out, the worldwide Christian community united against him (Hitler)":

This is just ... an historical whitewash. The worldwide Christian community at the time was strongly anti-semitic, and collectively gave little help to the Jews.

The idea that they fought to save the Jews was invented after the war. The historical fact is that the Allies knew about the horrors of the concentration camp by the start of 1942, from spy networks and the eyewitness accounts of escapees, but no one cared.

Anti-semitism was powerful and omnipresent: Canada turned away 3,000 Jewish child refugees at the border (all are believed to have eventually died at Auschwitz). America turned away 30,000 Jewish child refugees on its own, as did many of the European nations who were in a position to save countless Jews.

An American rabbi had to use his own money to purchase full-page ads in newspapers to publicize the millions of deaths of the Holocaust because the newspapers were putting the information in tiny articles on the back pages. The "March of the Rabbis" had to be organized in Washington DC because the politicians considered the Jewish Holocaust to be a low-priority situation.

Winston Churchill proposed bombing the gas chambers (or at the very least, the rail lines leading to the concentration camps) in order to stem the tide of death, but they were not deemed strategically important targets. FDR responded to the March of the Rabbis by ignoring them and sneaking out a back door.

There was no worldwide Christian revulsion at the Holocaust until after the war, when movies and pictures finally awoke long-dormant consciences that had been unaffected by written reports.


The eppylover sez:
In other words ~ Whatever the Christian Leaders, speaking for Christ, wanted their Followers to believe, the Christians sucked up and mooed along.

As it was then, so it is now, world without end, amen.

World without end, my ass.

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