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Since adding this boingboing RSS Feed to my flist, I've been highly distracted and entertained. I also enjoy having my daily Dilbert, Zits and Get Fuzzy comics delivered to me between posts. Sweeet.
List of RSS Feeds available to LJ
Simply click on the orange feed symbol, click on the add friend icon, and Bob's yer uncle.

Mooninite Boston Police patch

New Warning Sticker for Clueless Bostonians and other potential victims of terrorist paranoia

In the above link, be sure to check out all the previous Boingboing posts on this dangerous Mooninite attack. If you don't ... the terrorists win.

BTW ~ are you aware that the CN nuts did the same thing in Seattle ~ but their police department quietly removed the devices, no fanfare, no fuss?
Then, on the same page, check out the Boston photos and the three Related links.

Aqua Teen Bomber Force t-shirt

Responses to “A Little Something for the Hackers in Boston” on Bunnie's Blog

I usually find this kind of babble boring, but in this case these analyses and commentary by readers were engrossing, especially starting with the conservative Jonathan Salem Baskin entry. It's great how various people with opposing views all can make some good points!

This prank by CN's moronic marketing department, I think, has unwittingly done a little bit of good after all.
It's gotems peoples thinkin'.


In other news

People who are fond of showing off their bras or boobies are hereby warned

Mario's Dance Dance Revolution for every school in W Virginia
Holycrap, Stephy would be in her glory.

And finally, the one that had us both ROTFL:
A suspect sleeping pill is causing Australians to paint the front door

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