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= JANUARY 24th, 2007 =

Hello Everyone,

Development is shaping up on THE FIFTH BEATLE, while an amazing, award-winning crew is coming together, including

  • Production Designer Gavin Bocquet
    ("Star Wars: Episodes I, II, III"),

  • Costume Designer Jany Temime
    (the "Harry Potter" films, "Bridget Jones," "Children of Men"),


  • Casting Director Kerry Barden
    ("Seven," "Good Will Hunting,"
    "Shakespeare in Love")..!
Multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, producer, and film and video game composer Nitin Sawhney ("The Namesake", "A Throw of Dice") will compose the score.

These additions to our team all share our deep love, respect, and passion for bringing the Brian Epstein story to the big screen.

The film is enjoying tremendous momentum and interest from celebrity actors and musicians to top studios--
so stay tuned for more exciting announcements over the next few months!

In the meanwhile, please join our active community on our message boards (it's free), where several exciting discussions are underway.
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You can keep up to date on all of this information and more on our website.

Vivek Tiwary


The Fifth Beatle, the in-development feature film based on the life of Beatles' manager Brian Epstein.

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