christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Last night's dream

I have been inspired by layla1188's latest post, and leikomgwtfbbq's constant barrage (J/K; I truly don't mind them) of dream posts ~~

This one might have arisen from the fact that l'Ogre has recently returned from a 1-week Royal Carribbean Cruise with the church group.
~ apparently I was on some kind of cruise ship, and Gopher (Fred Grandy) was sitting on a bucket next to Isaac's little bar, with a huge pile of celery he was cleaning/trimming for some reason ~ and a huge pile of celery trash on his other side. Then Gopher felt compelled to introduce me to a couple of recently-separated fully-adult conjoined twins, hefty young men named Sheeeean and Kenny (I knew that was how they were spelled, because they had their names embroidered on their shirts). And that was it.
So frustrating that I never dream of Eppy. Grrrrrr.

Footnote: Funny that he'll spend all that money on a church cruise, and tithe thousands a year ~ yes, even though he seemed to attempt it, he is unable to block me from seeing our JOINT tax returns ~ but when it comes to my dental work, he says, "How are YOU going to pay for all that?"

It's enough, apparently, that his insurance will cover about a half of the regular dental. However, the five thou or so for the orthodontia? His insurance won't touch that because I'm over 18 years old.

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