christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Our first online video news flash ~ The FBM

I'm on the laptop since l'Ogre is home and I can't access the PC, so this is going slowly and without access to all my hard drive info... but I wanted my flisters to know right away!

It's so frustrating how slowly a post gets done when you're not on a familiar machine. Augh.

Click this link, and then scroll way down
the Playlist in the right column to
find the Brian Epstein video,
click it, and it should play...

Video News Report from Australia ~ The Fifth Beatle Movie

I'm thinking it's gonna start getting busy real soon on our board, The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum.

All Eppy lovers and everyone who cares about seeing this movie get made is encouraged to sign up (free) and join in! Our input gives them input for the film, and gives us the occasional larfs.

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