christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Some insight on Spitz ~ It's a shame so many people think his book can be trusted.

This amused me greatly. From the website, a slyly sarcastic yet accurate aside about the author of The Beatles

What a charming guy this Bob Spitz is. You know, the one who wrote that error-filled biography of The Beatles and who suggested that a fanzine editor who pointed out some of those errors needed an enema?

The guy who told NPR that George Harrison played the lead guitar solo on "Taxman" (It was rather famously Paul McCartney).

In interviews, Spitz at first claimed there were no errors in his book. He told U.S. News that a "Beatle blogger" (the Daytrippin' Web site, actually) "was incensed that I had corrected some of the dates in the Beatle lore."

Later, Spitz finally admitted to errors in the photo captions (including identifying a little girl as Julian Lennon), which he said resulted from him being exhausted when he dashed them off hurriedly.

His publisher announced that 16 caption errors were being corrected for the second printing of the book. Meanwhile, in an interview with the Abbeyrd Web site, which has been an ardent supporter of Spitz for some reason, Spitz continued to win friendsani rolleyes smiley in the Beatles fan community, which he dismissed as "no different from religious fanatics determined to hurt people in order to protect their extremist views."

He went on to slag off other Beatles biographers and dismiss the pre-eminent Beatles researcher, Britain's Mark Lewisohn -- who is working on a three-volume Beatles biography that is expected to be the definitive work on the group -- as "an accountant who has put together a few good chronologies."

Oh yes, what a charming guy this Bob Spitz is.

The eppylover used to have a mail subscription to Beatlefan when she lived in North Carolina in the 70's ~ a decade when it was very difficult to find Beatle-ish materials in the stores because there was no interest in them anymore ~~

~~ but on the positive side, garage sales and flea markets were full of unwanted Beatle stuff, going for pennies, that (until Dec 1980) was considered pretty much worthless!.

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