christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

The christine does not suffer Eppy-dissing fools gladly...

Apologies for not responding to people all day; in the throes of whatever, I did not "arise from my bedchamber" until almost 3:30pm. (Some of you may understand)

Stephy and I are now going to do some late grocery shopping, so that kind of shoots the day, doesn't it? *groan*

*scared; heading out into some blizzardy weather*

...this film drives home how really bizarre their career was,
and how utterly weird Brian Epstein is.

??? Anybody who will see this dvd, 'The Unseen Beatles' from Liberation Entertainment, to be released January 22, 2007 ~ [ here's their press release, with photos ] ~

~ please explain to me what this reviewer meant by "utterly weird"...!

I do not think this is the same vid they were showing recently on Google Video and has been bootlegged around, but I may be wrong.

In any case, this reviewer, Sean Heslin, doesn't really seem to appreciate Bri's Boys too much anyway, as evidenced by phrases like: "...continue to be popular despite the public being over-exposed to their music for the last 40 years..."

Although I do agree with his first sentence: "The Beatles, those mop-topped semi-hippies of which Ringo is still the coolest..."

Mr. Heslin seems to like the video, although I must, of course, take exception with his blatant dissing of their manager, my sweet Eppy. Brian always had his reasons for making the decisions he did, or behaving as he did. The biggest reason perhaps being his severe bipolar disorder!

Was this indeed the way the dvd portrayed Brian, or merely Heslin's own interpretation of what he watched?


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