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Bits of Miscellanea

Why do I love this pic so much?

Stephy is cracking me up.

She's got this idea now that she's gonna make a comic, sorta along the lines of Super Mario Brothers, and the Boss (bad guy) would be named "Goyser."

You know, like "Bowser"...?

The heroes would be named, "Matzio" and "Jewigi."
With the bad guy being named "Goyser." Right.

...actually, she really had better start working on that, because if she doesn't, I'll know for sure that all she wanted to do was see me snot my coffee all over my screen. Now, is that a nice thing to do to your old mother, who loves you and only wants what's best for you? You don't call, you don't write...

Found while surfing ~ an 80's Collage
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis is huge ~ 3600x600, 675kb
But it's also quite fascinating.

Terri Destroys The Film
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Not that I ever want to see it or anything, but...
the thing is...
Steve left specific instructions to keep the cameras running no matter WHAT happened, especially if it was something dire like this. He wanted ANYTHING that happened to him archived for eternity. It's part of history.

I can see Terri's point, her personal feelings, but that's selfish of her... I still think she wasn't following through with his wishes.

Perhaps Steve should have also specified an archive lockup location, so it wouldn't fall into her hands or anyone else's. But how was he to know she would do this to him.

I hope whoever I leave behind has a little more consideration for my wishes.

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