christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Death, death, and insanity ~ groovy.

Lily Munster is dead

probably for the last time.

"Glamour & Cheesecake"
including a booby shot!

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Sophia Loren's longtime husband, Carlo Ponti, died
on Tuesday, January 9.
Loren was only 15 — and 25 years younger than Ponti — when the couple met in 1950. Ponti was married to his first wife, Giuliana, at the time.

An engrossing story of a couple who were meant to be, whose marriage and love lasted 50 years despite their great age difference, the intolerance and castigation of the ruling Catholic Church of Italy, and the scorn and ridicule of the public and the press.
...and another booby shot!

And many more articles »

Today's Stephy Comic


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