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News Items ~ George's Housebreaker Dead, Paul Likes Old Junk. ~ & 2 vids.

You probably read this somewhere already, but just in case...

BBC News
George Harrison in the '90's

Remember the crazy lady in 1999 who broke into George Harrison's house in Hawaii, cooked a pizza, drank a root beer and did her laundry before being arrested? Well, looks like she was recently killed in a murder-suicide.
The Honolulu Advertiser
The Australian


~Paul admits he likes collecting old junk...

Beatley pics set to a rehearsal audio of my all-time personal favorite Beatles song
"And Your Bird Can Sing"
From the "Take 2 Revolver Session" boot.
My my, it sounds like their first attempt at it or something.
Hmm... you can be sure they were toking just before or during this one!

Now, here's a nice vid made using the
And Your Bird Can Sing ~ final version
...but why did they cut it off before that little bass riff at the end?

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