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Neil the Aspinall-killer ~ The Lost Dutch Interviews

van provided me with a webtool to save YouTube videos to your hard drive. He gives me permission to pass it on to you.

I have not tested it yet, and will let you know later when I ever get the chance.
(See further below for an update on that!!!)

There was a YouTube vid that I am forever sorry I didn't acquire somehow ... it was an interview, held inside a control booth, it was filmed in the Netherlands, and they interviewed George Martin, Derek Taylor and Neil Aspinall (speaking in English with Dutch subtitles). I'm guessing it was filmed not too long before Derek died, although he hadn't really started to show the effects of his cancer yet.

The vid was a bit dry in content, but seeing Neil and Derek (okay, yeah, and Sir George too) in a natural everyday chat-interview was delicious.

T'was the best Aspinall footage I've ever seen, and it didn't last long on YouTube at all before it was tragically nuked... irony: probably by Apple's lawyers, Apple being run by Aspinall himself.

Its disappearance put my Aspinall-lover from Arkansas into a blue funk ~~ but she was sadly amused by the fact that ... her "sexy Neil" killed her sexy Neil!

*sigh* Wish I had saved that vid somehow...
Music NotesBut I'm sure there are more to come!

UPDATE: As soon as I wrote the above, I re-searched on YouTube using search term aspinall, and, lo and behold, up came the 3-part Dutch interview that I was sure was lost forever!

Here are the YouTube URLs if you want to see them before Apple finds 'em again:

I quickly and successfully used Van's suggested conversion program, and it took quite some time, but it DID work!

I am planning, probably tomorrow, to upload at least parts 2 and 3 to YouSendIt for my Aspinall friend. Then I'll provide the links to y'all on this LJ.

I can't begin to tell you how very rare it is to get such a good interview out of Neil!
And Derek is soooo lovely also...

I'm always so tickled and gratified to find people who are attracted or bonded to the otherwise somewhat cast-aside "inner circle" heroes of the Beatles phenomenon. I'm especially talking about people who aren't "fans" of the hero, but feel an actual connection in some fashion. People who would have adored these distant individuals even if there had been no such thing as The Beatles.

I still have not found anyone who is totally committed to George Martin, Derek Taylor, or any of the rest ~ including people connected with their other activities, including their touring, movies and photography work, etc. Heck, I'd even welcome knowing that there was a Peter Brown worshipper, well, just because. However, I'm sure they wouldn't want to read my past posts! > *yikes*

I guess what I'm saying is ~~~ Everybody should have at least one person in this world who, from afar or not, worships him/her above all others.

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