christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

RIP Fellow Grand Rapidian

This is the first chance I've had today to get online. The laptop is not hooked up to the internet yet. Stephy's first day back to school will be Thursday (day after tomorrow). This explains all. Or does it? Is my explanation sufficient? Am I babbling or rambling? Ahh, how I miss chibbeatles! (Clever verbal dodge there, christine.)
*eppylover takes another swig from Manischewitz bottle*

Ahhh yessss, Gerald Ford, from Grand Rapids, where I was born, where I lived quite a few years, and still live 11 miles from...

I recall my first husband bringing me to a business club meeting, in 1970, where then-longtime-Congressman Ford was the key speaker.

I also recall disgustedly walking out of the room, right in front of him, in the middle of his pro-VietNam speech ~ and angrily sitting in the bathroom until he had gone away. My husband (9 years my senior) was not too happy that night with his little newlywed hippie. Hahaa!

Good ole President * trip, fall, bump head * Ford, I remember him well.

He wasn't a bad guy, he was just overly pro-war at the same time that I was Beatle-fashionably anti-war.

Chevy Chase remembers President Ford

Today's Stephy Comic

A p.s. note ~~
On New Years Eve, one of my favorite people carried a slight unmistakable scent of marijuana.

Ahhh. I hugged and sniffed her a lot. Sweet. Hee hee. Psst ~ don't tell!

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