christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

The 2006 Eppylover & Stephy Xmukkah Post

You better not cry ~ Santa Claus is coming ~
You better not cry ~ Santa Claus is coming ~
The above is, without question, Stephy's favorite Xmas card of all time.

Must recount for y'all
a very, very unusual occurrence ~
the usually only-one-cordial-cup-per-night-of-
blackberry-manischewitz (when at all) christine
got herself blitzed last night
on white zinfandel
at the family Xmas party.
We have been promised photographs.

dot. dot. dot. Oy frickin vey. @_@


Actually, there is so much more to tell about last night.
I just cannot bring myself to verbalize it yet. Incrediblement.


So! Guys?
Dare to wear
this to synagogue
during the
holiday season?!

Enjoy this video ~ I certainly did!
Christmas Lights
Description: A geek with way too much time sets up a Christmas
light show with musical accompaniment (Trans-Siberian Orchestra?).


Very rare U.S. poster ~ Ringo For Santa Claus!Treat yourself to a huge (and rare) Santa Starkey!


And once again ...
to y'all and everyone ...
(Click Title for Amusing Xmukkah Song from YouSendIt!)

Sorry I failed to provide a Sermon yesterday. For us, it was family Xmas day.

Therefore, please consider the following potentially offensive Xmassy material to be under my Sunday-cut for those who, like the eppylover, are quite amused by the utter unabashed honesty of (Mr Epstein's final unrequited lust-target) Simon Napier-Bell.


From Wendy Backer, Terre Haute, Indiana

Simon Napier-Bell. You are a bully. My friend Elizabeth sent you a card with only the nicest of thoughts. As a fellow Christian I feel for her. God will surely forgive you but I find it difficult. Can you not understand how hurtful it is to have kindness dismissed so rudely?

Wendy, you're talking crap! Considering the number of times this year you and Elizabeth have jammed up my net connection by sending me MP3s of your lousy Christian rock songs, I'd say I was surprisingly nice to her.

To suggest, to someone who wants nothing to do with religion, that they should have this creepy-crawly God thing hanging round them all year like a smelly damp cloud is pretty distasteful. I’d rather have slugs in my nose and red ants up my arse than have God crawling invisibly around me for the next twelve months.

All things considered, I think I was unusually polite. The reason, perhaps, was that the angel on the card was quite cute and it brought out the best in me. But YOU don’t!

I wish you the worst for this year and every other year until such time as you stop bothering me with your religious clap-trap.

Go read the Dec. 24 entry (scroll down)
to see the card Simon received that so disgusted him, and his reply to the insensitive twat who sent it.

I say "insensitive" because she has always been WELL AWARE that this type of fake-well-intentioned proselytizic garbage offends him (as it does me)!

But he's right: the little angel thingy is kinda cute. :)

EDIT: I will tell you, however, the only thing I gave Stephy for Xmukkah ~ UNDERWEAR.
We just got done doing The Underwear Dance
(she, somewhat reluctantly).
(Actually, VERY reluctantly!)
That is all.

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