christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Yesterday's final Junior scheduling meeting was a great success. Stephy will, of course, continue on with her afternoon sessions at Info Tech, in preparation for her videogame creation career. She actually looks forward to her afternoons. Imagine a kid looking forward to any school classes. *gasp*

Of course, Studio Art I, Senior Writing, and Drawing were some other choices she made. Sure wish they had those choices when I went to high school. All they had were "Art Class" and "Rhetoric." Not even a "Creative Writing" class. The 60's were far from swingin' when you were stuck in Michigan instead of London or San Francisco.

And she surprised me by choosing Brit Lit I (early = Shakespeare, Chaucer, etc.) instead of Brit Lit II (the Dickens, Shelly, H.G. Wells era) or modern Brit or American Lit.

Well. I'm glad SHE can understand Shakespeare. Eppy would disown me as an eppylover, but I admit I've always been extremely Bored by the Bard. If not a book about Brian, give me Stephen King or Ann Rice any day. Even better, Dave Barry. Hee hee. I suck.

Mama flits tickled! Der Stepher is on the honor roll. The list was taped right up on the counselor's window.
I knew honor rollism was in her, but still it amazes and astounds, because all through elementary and middle school she was in what we called (in our day) "special class" with the "slow children." My little retarded daughter.

I have been vindicated. I'll never forget the day (oh, 6 or 7 years ago) when I got lectured by her otherwise very sweet special ed counselor. I had mentioned to him that "Hey, Albert Einstein was called retarded at first, but look what happened with him." That counselor almost had a fit at me ~ I mean, how dare I have such expectations?

Heh!!! When Stephy finally owns her videogame company (or whatever her success will be) I hope Mr. Counselor Man finds his words tasty, because I shall make sure he eats them.

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