christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Just FYI ~ Latest Beatle-y news headlines

Abbey Road Quick News Links daily Beatles-related happenings. Update for 12/20/06 ~

Paul McCartney says he regrets not finishing the third Threetles song "Now
and Then," reports the Rock Radio. (Thanks to Jeff Jacomowitz.)

The British tabloid the Sun is backing Ringo for knighthood in this year's
Honors. (Thanks to Patti Murawski.),,2-2006580262,00.html

An interview with Sean Lennon from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

More on Ringo's upcoming project from Londonnet. (Thanks to Karen Dyson.)

Telegraph: Churchman who made friends with John Lennon

The St. Petersburg Times plays Scrooge over the McCartney song "Wonderful

Sir David Attenborough beat out Paul McCartney as the Greatest Living Icon,
reports the BBC.

Stella has banned pheasant hunts on Madonna's country estate, reports the

OT: Sad news: Denis Payton, 63, a member of one of our favorite groups,
the Dave Clark 5, has passed away, reports the Los Angeles Times.,1,2869009.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california

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