christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Let's all comment on this suggestion!

Sign up to support Sir Ringo!

Here's the pertinent part of the article, copied from [ THIS SITE ] ~
I don't usually do this, but here is my column today in full. It explains my campaign to get Ringo Starr knighted....

(*snip* for bulk of article, all non-Ringo related and merely explanatory justification)

...I have petitioned the Prime Minister to recommend to the Queen that she confer a knighthood on Ringo Starr.
Sorry. That’s about the best I could do. Think it’s trivial? Anything much bigger and you wouldn’t haven’t a prayer.

And I think Ringo deserves it, don’t you? George Martin has a knighthood and he wasn’t even in the Beatles. Tom Jones has a knighthood, for heaven’s sake (Why, Why, Why, Delilah?).

The Beatles helped to change the face of modern culture, so surely there should be an insignia in it for the man who kept the beat.
If you wish, signal your assent in the comments section of his post.

Here's the Eppylover's comment that Daniel Finkelstein has been asked to publish along with everyone else's:
Sir Ringo, yes. It's only fair and equitable. He was no less a Beatle than the others.

While we're talking fairness, Brits, how about your country dropping this pretentiously nonsensical rule ~

"no posthumous knighthoods except for war heroes"

(WAR heroes are more important than the heroes of peace?!) and bestow same upon dear John and George.

Most importantly, however, the very FIRST honours must be awarded, without doubt or hesitation, to the great man without whom world culture would have continued on without any Beatle-y influence at all: MR BRIAN EPSTEIN.

Pass on the word, in your own fashion, if you think it merits attention.
And PLEASE use my last paragraph, or at least mention Brian as being deserving of the same honors!
Thanks, guys...

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