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Sunday Sermon ~

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How can prayer be for real?

Also, how are prayers "answered" like people claim they are?

Eppylover's Theory:
The only possible answer can be that, while we're "praying" (actually imagining we're "talking" to another "force" through our minds), we in fact are speaking to our own subconscious.

The human brain, the mind, is so multi-layered it's incredible. Signals and messages are constantly shooting from one area to another, from one layer of consciousness to another layer of subconsciousness, and vice versa.

By "praying," all we're doing, in reality, is asking ourselves things, talking to ourselves as if another part of our mind is another, outside, "force." We have been taught to believe that this "force" is "God." We then subconsciously figure out our answers ourselves, and attribute the solution to "God."

Eppylover's Conclusion:
We are God.
But we, having been brainwashed since birth, cannot accept this.

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