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Beatle vid, Benson, Mal, etc.

Courtesy of Trini from the new KLOS Breakfast With The Beatles ~

A Google Video of a UK television show. It lasts over 45 minutes.
And the footage of the boys is so cute!

But watch it now,
before the Powers That Be get wind of it and take it away from us!


In the hotel George V, Paris, February, 1964 - At about 3:00am after a performance, the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, came to tell them that "I Want to Hold Your Hand" was number one on the US charts, which meant that they would be going to America to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. They were elated with the news. I had seen them have pillow fights before and when I suggested it, they all said it was a silly idea. Then John sneaked up and hit Paul in the head and the fun began.

"My thoughts on Ringo are the same as Brian Epstein. When Ringo came on, he'd only been with the group a couple of weeks before Paris and Brian was very worried about him, that he wouldn't fit in. But he fit in just great because he became very funny.

"That's the thing about them," he says. "There were four of them, if they'd get asked a question one of them could always come up with a good quip. They really had a good supporting cast."

Benson also has fond memories of the Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein. "Brian was the kind of person I wish I'd said goodbye to, if you know what I mean. He was really a very kind, decent guy."I think he was in love with all of them. But I must say I liked him very much."

Benson thinks a lot of their early success was due to Epstein's savvy management skills.

"When they were on the road, even the Plaza Hotel in New York, the Beatles would have their suite and the next suite would be for the press. Now anybody that was legitimate got to them. They would get them for about 10 minutes, which means that some little girl from Boise, Idaho, would go and do a piece, be photographed with the Beatles and would write, 'I was the fifth Beatle', and this was going out all over the country. If you were legitimate, you saw them. Nowadays they only let some fancy magazines in to do the stuff. That was the way Epstein did it."

Just thought I'd mention Moment Magazine, the publication that got my attention with the outstanding Brian Epstein article, written by Beatles expert Walter Podrazik and Moment's editor Nadine Epstein, that they printed in its August issue. Such a loving tribute. I was overwhelmed.

After reading it (several times) I emailed a letter to the editor praising them on this article. They asked me if they could print my letter, and I was double-overwhelmed. It subsequently appeared in their October issue.

Well, I finally gathered up enough gelt to order a subscription, and it started with the December issue, which arrived the other day. It's fantastic, especially for a person like me who is so verklempt over things Jewish! But I did want that October issue with my letter in it.

I emailed Moment again, and the assistant editor is going to send me that issue gratis. What a sweetheart!

From time to time I really want to share things from Moment Magazine as part of my Shabbat Shmooze posts. It has something for everyone.

And, since it's an independently-funded and run magazine, they don't hold to any one particular religious or political view. Every type from Ultra-Orthodox to Secular Humanists are included without bias.

Small note of interest ~ or, should I say, the record industry's vile disinterest ~
Martin Lewis said he once asked a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's board whether Brian Epstein would ever get in, and was told that the chances were not good because Epstein is no longer alive and therefore cannot return any favors. Lewis said the board member -- whom he did not identify -- conceded that it was an appalling state of affairs, but that Epstein stood little chance of ever being the one non-performer admitted to the hall each year.
EDIT: Check out the sad search results that come up for "brian epstein" on the RRHoF site :(

Oh, and according to a 2001 post by a guy who worked on the construction of the RRHoF:
"By the way, the official name is The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. You'll get in trouble with management if you don't write and say the whole thing."
Pretentious assholes.


Dec 6 Post from 2005

Yes, I realize the links to the recordings have now been deleted, but this is a worthwhile archive nevertheless.

The Beatles Xmas LP

If you wander over and make a daily check of either beatlefiles or onlyprediction, from now until the 25th, you might be able to score their Xmas records and much more.

Also, a new entry in the ole eppylog ~~~
Yes, He Had A Fan Club

As usual, it's a copyover from an old mrbrianepstein post, which I have been neglecting to do lately.

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