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Simon's Take on Why No Atheists in US Congress

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From Steve Landing, Sheffield, UK

Hi Simon.

It's been a while since you blasted us all on the evils of religion. I noticed in yesterday's Times that your favourite atheist, Richard Dawkins, has finally flipped. He's no longer talking reasonably about the ‘stupidity of religion', he's just come right out and said anyone who is religious is stupid. Highly intelligent people, he claims, are mostly atheists.

He also points out that there's not a single atheist in the American House of Congress. He concludes that they're all either liars or stupid. D'you think he's right to burst out like this?

(Simon answers)

Of course he is.

There's no good pussyfooting around on a subject like this. If you're religious you are by definition either fundamentally stupid - that is, you've thought about it a great deal and have come to the conclusion that there really is a God (like the Archbishop of Cantebury or Tony Blair and his wife or George W) - or you're trivially stupid - that is, you've thought about it just a little bit, you're not quite sure whether you believe in it or not but you accept it because it makes life easier for you - like most people in America, where ninety-five per cent of people claim to be religious.

This ‘saying you're religious' thing is like living in a fascist state and paying lip service to the dictator who runs it. America's fascist dictator is 'religion'. To align yourself against it is as scary for most Americans as for North Koreans to speak out against Kim Jong-Il. Yet I'm sure, if just one well-known respected public figure in America - Oprah or Clinton or the old President Bush - came out and said they were not religious, that they'd lived their whole lives as a lie, that religion was crap and they were ashamed of themselves for saying otherwise - in just one day the number of so-called religious people in the USA would fall to below fifty per cent.

The fundamentally stupid could stay that way while the other fifty per cent could throw off their trivial stupidity and become at least as intelligent as Europeans.

In Heaven: The police are British, the cooks French, the lovers Italian -- and it's all organized by the Germans.

In Hell: The police are French, the cooks British, the lovers German -- and it's all organized by the Italians.
            - Wall Street Journal, 11/21/88

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