christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Firefox ain't no paragon of perfection, neither, huh. And other stuffs.

Firefox gives passwords away

IE7 is also vulnerable, but to a much lesser extent...

"In the short term, Mozilla is suggesting avoiding using Password Manager and the Master Password Timeout Firefox extension.

However, an exploit, found in the wild, mimicked the
" " site almost perfectly, causing
many users to believe they needed to log in.

...which says to me that it doesn't matter IF you disabled Firefox Password Manager or their Master extension ~ because if you're simply a MySpace user, you're screwed!

And, all this tells me that I'm not vulnerable because: Old Lady Eppylover still uses Win98 with IE6 (not 7), shielded by ZoneAlarm and bolstered by the occasional PestPatrol run.
I crash a lot, but usually come out okay in the long run. *crosses fingers, toes and eyes*

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