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Late Shabbat, Early Sabbath: All Overheard in NYC

Short After-Shabbat Shmooze

Overheard In New York

Young man: I think you should have put LIFE and not LIVE on your sign.

Jesus freak, holding sign reading

Oh, thank you. Have you accepted Jesus as your savior?

Young man: No, I'm a dirty Jew. I'm going to hell.

OVERHEARD AT --42nd & 7th

another one:
Older woman: Excuse me, miss?
Younger woman: Yeah?
Older woman: Your veil, your burqa is very beautiful. I didn't know your people were allowed to wear it in bright colors.
Younger woman: It's not a burqa, it's a poncho. I'm Jewish. It's for the rain. I got it at TJ Maxx.
--53rd & 7th
Overheard by: Pam

Sunday Sermon

Click for script to the hilarious episode this quote comes from...

From "Headline Contest" on Overheard In New York City

Teen boy: Do you know where I can find those Communion wafers? I want to eat them with salsa.

Friend: Um, you can't just eat those. It's the body of Christ.
OVERHEARD AT --Rockefeller Center

The Winner Headline: "White Folks Still Claim Jesus Was A Cracker"


· "Besides, Three Days Later You'll Be Hungry Again"

· "...And After Three days, He Arose, with Craving for Pico de Gallo"

· "...And They're 2000 Years Past Their Expiration Date"

· "And Stop Putting Salt on the Rim of the Chalice"

· "Betcha Can't Transubstantiate Just One"

· "Body of Satan Has More Tang Anyway"

· "Friends Don't Let Friends Go to Church Stoned"

· "If Jesus Wanted Us to Eat Him with Salsa, He'd Be Appearing on Tortillas... Oh... Wait."

· "Look for the Bag Marked 'Corpus Crispy'"

· "My God Stays Crunchy in Milk"

· "That's What You Said about the Last Donut, Too"

· "The Next Special Ingredient on Iron Chef"

· "They're Best Served with Dogma"

· "Try the Taco Bells of St. Mary's"

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