christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Making Mario move... and other small thoughts

"Everybody has thoughts in their heads...
otherwise, they wouldn't be people."

~ Stephy blurted that out yesterday, and
agreed that I could share her wisdom with y'all.

As I haven't played a video game since the days of the Atari 2600, I fail to see the appeal of such games. ~ ladyeffingbroke

Ahh yesss, the Atari. After my late brother-in-law's Commodore, and before I had my Stephy, that's what he had, an Atari. pong. pong. pong. pong. bloop.

There wasn't anything else to do with a new baby, so ever since before Stephy could sit herself up, I had her propped up in my lap on the floor playing Mario Bros on the NES. Every day for months. Every time Mario died, I'd say, "SHIT!" I said it a lot.

The look on her face when she finally had hand/eye coordination, and it dawned on her that moving the joystick made Mario move... indescribable. She was never the same since.

The day that Dale walked in on us and baby Stephy announced, "Mama... play... shit!!!" will never be forgotten in the anals of angry daddy history!
(No, that was not a typo!)

That's probably why she's the videogame/animé mavin she is today. And the reason why, from the time she first learned to communicate, she said she was going to make videogames ~ then, when she learned they came out of companies, said she was going to own a videogame company.

I refused to go to work until she was at least 6 months old, and to this day I'm wracked with guilt about leaving her with my sister when I was forced to go back to the office. Moms should never leave the home their kids come back to, at the very least until they start attending school. But Dale was supporting three other kids and wouldn't let me stay home to nurture her.

Nancy got to see almost all her "firsts," but never told me ~ and made me think that, when I saw them, they were the first times. Until her two little girls would say, "she did that earlier today."

There are a few videogames that have amused me greatly over the years. One was called "Zombies Ate My Neighbors." I haven't played with a games console for many years, but the memories are sweet.
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