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---EDIT 08/27/08---
The above page has been taken down.
Here is the poem that appeared on that page (minus the images):

Did you see Eppie?

Did you see Eppie tapping his feet
To the music at the back of the hall?
Apart of the crowd
But not a part of any crowd at all...

Someone said that there are satellites circling the earth
They look down and they can see a man walking on his own
They can photograph the expression on his face
And I look up and I see only empty space...

And on that fateful night
When I got home
Somebody said: "Did you know that Eppie phoned...?"

And on that fateful night -- at the Saville theatre

We heard the news... Lord, we heard the news
And I said: "What fragile vessels of life we really are..."

Copyright:Peter Daltrey/1998

Tags: brian epstein, death, poetry

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