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PS3's, Protests and Priorities

Well, by noon yesterday all the PS3's at all the stores got spoken for by other people, and we didn't get a one. Niece Sarah kept phoning all the different stores all day to see if anyone holding a number went home before getting a console; no luck.

She said something about a certain number of units being released daily, and a limited amount still being available every day... and Brian being able to try again at midnight or something (I was only half listening by then).

Brian and Sarah were keeping tabs on everything via local cellphone grapevine. Eventually (around 7:15pm) they got word that the closest Target store to us had 8 PS3's available, and at 8pm they were gonna choose the 8 people out of a crowd of over 100 in their parking lot.

We rushed over there, and I brought Stephy (there wasn't an age limit), and my other niece joined us. We were freezing our bums off out there. Most of the people were youngsters under 35 or so.

At first the "day manager" who was wearing a jacket labeled "security" (I think her name was Rhonda or Rhoda) said they were going to do a raffle-type of thing. For some reason (she seemed to be the world's biggest airhead) she then decided against that method, and people were starting to get pissed. I was enjoying myself, even while freezing. This surreal scene appealed greatly to my warped sense of humor.

Ms. Security Airhead Manager then tried to order us rowdy people to "line up in one single file" which was totally ridiculous ... nobody knew what the heck she was trying to tell us to do.

From time to time, parts of the crowd would go inside the store, and immediately be ushered back for "loitering." But man, it was so much warmer in there!

Anyway, eventually the different clumps of people heard Ms. Security shouting something like, "It's all done, you can go now..." and we were like, "WTF?!" Turns out she had arbitrarily chosen eight "random" winners herself. And from three different people we heard that she called them by name. She picked people she knew? Was she getting a kickback from them?

Various crowd members started using their cellphones. Then a cruiser came out, containing exactly one (1) short, small and stubby police woman.

Far from being annoyed, I was laughing. This was comedy to me. I started talking to a lady around my own age, who told me her husband was a cop... excuse me, a "police officer" ... so of course I just HAD to act all 60's protest-y about it, and see how excited/disturbed I could make her. And sure enough, she started telling me that if we didn't go home we would end up being arrested, etc. etc. "Right on!" I gleefully replied. She huffed, turned and went home. Sad what has happened to our flower power generation ~~ they have flip-flopped to the opposite extreme.

None of us made any money, but what the heck. I told Brian, though, that if anyone was getting up a petition or needed support to burn that airhead bitch, he could count on me. She really should lose her job.

But, Brian already has 4 PS3's to re-sell, and will definitely be getting more in the days ahead.
If the weather had been warmer, I think that Target store would have had a riot on their hands. Darn it, this Michigan weather. I hate it! I've always hated the climate here.

*sigh* It was all worth it, though. Sort of a nostalgic trip ~ actually, more like an impotent, cartoony spoof ~ back into the days of sit-ins and such. I really wish it could have gone a lot further, and we could have given Stephy a taste of those glorious times.
Frick the money. It was fun.

What happened at Target, and the fact that I didn't make any money, doesn't bother me. What does bother me is the REASON all this is going on.

It's not for a noble or useful purpose, like the VietNam war protests or Civil Rights marches. All this hullabaloo was over a petty, insignificant and superficial item. A frickin' TOY, fer christ sakes.

My friends, this is what we have lowered ourselves to.
I'm absolutely disgusted by the kids these days ~~ how on earth are they able to spend thousands of dollars on eBay to buy a stupid game console ~~ because yes, these $600.00 TOYS are re-selling like hotcakes for over $3,000.00 apiece! Our affluent society has bred a generation of pampered young people ~~ emo dickhead brats ~~ and, for some reason, that scares me. Their brains are in their butts.

Feels to me as if our sturdy American pioneer roots have decomposed into garbage. We're dead meat. Rerun the fall of the Roman Empire.

Don't get me wrong ~~ by being "sturdy" I do not mean the aggressive he-man type of "strength" ~~ I have a strong distaste for all types of fighting and competition ~~ and I'm not one of those neanderthals who believe (as Dale does) that we citizens have a right to own firearms ~~ because the constitution (for what it's worth) clearly states,

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Which means to me that the only People permitted to own and carry guns legally are the official militia.
Don't argue with me, I'm stuck in the 60's. Peace, Love, Flowers. I'll stick a frickin' daisy up yer ass, bitch! ani laughing smiley

However, a much more important form of strength has died with the past generation. When failing to acquire a toy is a catastrophe in life worth whining about ~~ or not having the desired clothing on your body is a reason for angst ~~ my cynical tasteless side says a good nuclear holocaust would cure that. Put our priorities a little more in order, what say?

Hahaa, I should talk ~~ I often get very upset over the realization that I'll probably fail to do right by Brian Epstein ~~ the greatest and most beautiful man who ever existed, yet a man long dead, dead, dead ~~ and what does that mean, really? Where do my priorities lie?
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