November 25th, 2011

Coal for Xmas, Xmas coal

Forcing myself online with some Briany stuff to share

I really hate the winter/holiday season each year, and this usually results into my morphing into some kind of grumpy troll-ish hermit.

Yesterday's T'giving Dinner with our huge extended family kinda put me up in a slight mood to do something for something's sake ~ so here I am tonight on LJ forcing myself to post a few items that may be of interest. Then I'll sink back into the doldrums.

Dang it all. It's impossible to explain, especially to myself, how I can so very much miss a person who I never met and who probably would have quite disliked me if for some strange reason he had ever been obligated to become acquainted with me.

Or maybe not, but for some stupid reason it's easier to think of it that way.
Okay. And I choose to forego any psychoanalytic theorizing on that issue, thank you.
Just not in the mood.
ani rolleyes smiley

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Oh well, it's better than a sharp kick in the arse, wot.
And now it's 4am, time 2 TRY 2 go 2 sleep. Good luck wid dat, bee-yatch.