September 10th, 2011

Pole lamp

Yes, he was intelligent, but I divorced him for other reasons.

Posted by ex-husband #1
(the smart one)
in a comment to
an online article:

"This is just another attempt by the right wing knotheads to exploit the workers. They cloak these things in terms like "right to work", and "right to teach." What they mean is the right to earn sweatshop pay and the right to be exploited by the rich.

"When we, the working class, relearn the importance of solidarity and stop functioning on a basis of 'what's in it for me?' we can beat these lying people. Until then, our nation will continue to slide backwards into 19th century living conditions."

What now John?

Until later, maybe...?

Okay, I may or may not be avoiding LJ until I can someday (in the far future) get us a new computer. This old WinXP computer of ours is circa 2002, with not much memory ~ and the processor is not the greatest. Heck, it still has a B drive for diskettes! Hahaaa

It doesn't do too well with New Twitter, either. It worked fine with LJ before, and doesn't have too much trouble with FB.

I don't know what happened to LJ, but every time I get into it, my browser keeps reloading the tabs. So yeah.

But who knows. I'm just tired of being halfway done with something and having the browser kill it by suddenly restarting. Ugh. It's happened 3 times already; enough already.

We shall see what happens.