August 15th, 2011


Hey, if a murderer can do it, so can Brian! .....LOL whut

Came across a profile essay on "Hub Pages" ~and a small part of it near its end really made me laugh and facepalm.

I realize this fella's heart was in the right place, but the way he worded it was .... well, pretty awkward and ..... just, y'know, wrong?

Here's the bit, misspellings and all:
I think The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein is an underrated
manager. Nobody seems to get that Epsatein played a huge
role in establishing The Beatles anmd securing their record
deal with Parlophone. It is that reason, along with many more,
that I think Brian Epstein should be inducted into the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame. If Phil Spector, a convicted murderer,
can get in, so can Brian.

I think I've got a bruise on my forehead from my giggly bout of headdesking. ani laughing smiley ani googly eyes smiley