May 12th, 2011

dot. dot. dot.


We are getting sick of your wishy-washiness. Get your shite together, dudes!

Setting up fake personal FB accounts for the purpose of ROLEPLAY is either allowed or not allowed.

Reminder: Your Terms of Service has always prohibited impersonations of all kinds.

So ~~ make up your minds NOW.
  • If you decide roleplay is allowed, change your TOS to include them, or set up a special "roleplay" account category.
  • However, if you are going to stick to the way your TOS is set up ~ then, show us some balls, do your damn duty and keep on top of deleting these frauds!

There are plenty of other social sites that are set up to accomodate roleplay (LiveJournal being one of the best), and you can bet your booties that you won't lose these people ~ they will continue to maintain their personal FB accounts too.