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February 22nd, 2011 - Turn Me On, Dead Mensch — LiveJournal

About February 22nd, 2011

Not "touchy" enough to be thrown into the Auntie Christ-ine LJ, but important to read IMHO 12:29 am

My son, the pink boy

Moms ask if my "feminine" son is gay. Strangers tell me I'm being too permissive. Here's what they don't understand.
By Marci Riseman

A random mom on the playground, looking serious and a little bit concerned, asks me, "Do you think your son might grow up to be gay?"

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Grand Rapids Gas Prices 07:01 am
If not Egypt, if not Iran, then who?

Well, this time Libya has taken front stage. Compared to Egypt, who isn't known for oil, we have Libya, who does sit on a decent amount of oil production.

Even in light of above-average supply of oil, crude prices are being driven higher by nervous investors concerned that the Middle East is on the cusp of further unrest. This has driven crude prices up 6% already, and gasoline futures have followed higher.

This is setting the stage for a price hike to $3.25-$3.35 in our area, at the very least. I don't remember if I've ever seen it that expensive around here before.

I guess when the latest mega-piles of snowdrift are finally cleared out of our parking lot and garage area, I'm gonna keep the car in the garage as much as possible anyway. I don't think there's any reason why we will have to wander off for supplies or sustenance any more often than once in the next week or so. At least I hope not.

Dang snow-crudded ole Mishugan anyway. Grrrr. >:(

Tour stop: in hibernation

Royal word is law. 08:48 pm

"SHIT!" cried the Queen.

And there was a great "movement" in the crowd.

Tour stop: Mishugan
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