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February 21st, 2011 - Turn Me On, Dead Mensch — LiveJournal

About February 21st, 2011

Random thought..... 12:16 am

If you're trying to commit a crime, isn't it kind of counterproductive to wear your pants halfway down your buttcrack?

Don't they realize it makes it that much more difficult to RUN if necessary?

Tour stop: Mishugan

Yabba Dabba Yum! 09:47 pm
They were talking about the news that, within 5 years, they will have bred wooly mammoths from the DNA derived from prehistoric frozen remains.

Yeah, I am not kidding, this is really happening. Really.

Well.... one person mentioned that, before long, we will be eating mammoth meat.

The other person then went all WTF and commented,
"we bring back the species
so we can murder and eat them?
What a human thing to do!"

Tour stop: Mishugan
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