December 16th, 2010

Miller Time!

xmas upon us and no brewskis? horrors!


Isn't it amazing that 30 regular-size cans of beer will get me through more than 3 months?

I'm no drinker, that's for sure ~ but a couple times a week, one beer will help me sleep (and taste good, too, heehee).

Only 2 beers left now, and too many much more important expenses to cover.
No more beer for you, old lady, until the family xmas thingy. *sigh*

I know, I'm being boring 'cause I'm not being funny, huh.
*razzberries to you*
Well, okay then. This vid might do it for y'all then. Or not.
It's an Xmas thingy that appealed to me, since I'm not a holiday type.
In any case, the very young Jim Carrey surprised me:

~*~*~ HAVE A HAPPY, PEEPS ~*~*~