October 20th, 2010


46 Years Ago Today in Brian Epstein History ~ Re-edited & Reposted for 2010

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The only time Brian produced a record ~ and SANG on it, too!
(Even though you can't hear him ~or can you?~ read track 4's info...)

Click to hear "America"
(YouTube audio)

October 20, 1964 ~ Brian produces his first and only record, for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, at IBC Studios, London. Both Brian and Ringo sing background harmonies!

Did Brian Epstein really sing backup on America by Rory Storm, the below-referenced record?

Well, before the site was taken down for so-called "copyright infringement," the claim was made [ HERE ], along with a boot download of the entire LP.

Apparently this was Brian's only attempt at producing a record. And singing on one!

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The man who loved the Beatles ~ From the "Daily Mail," 11/6/99 by Lesley Garner

From the "Daily Mail," 11/6/99 ~

The man who loved the Beatles

The irony is exquisite.  It was Brian Epstein's very gayness that helped to create the Beatles phenomenon.  In the process, he fell in love with them.  It was to prove a fatal attraction...

by Lesley Garner

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Original Daily Mail link to this article no longer available