October 15th, 2010


Just in case you're wondering where I was ~

Instead of the usual automatic re-post of my LiveJournal posts to Facebook, this time I am copying/pasting late last night's FB post here on LJ: Lolcat skwished yer virus!

Laptop was devastated by a virus, so I took all day to recover/reinstall win xp, IE8 and the most recent Google toolbar.

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Okay, now it's time once again to TRY and strangle my daughter away from the TV and pc ~ I've been nagging her for two days to put away the clean dishes and to separate & put her dirty clothes in the basket for washing. Wish me luck! Being bossy is not in my nature ~ when it comes to chores ~ I am bossy about being personally disrespected ~ and she knows it and doesn't shrink from taking advantage of it.
She also has been taught (by me) never to succumb to anyone's guilt trips, unless there's a redeeming inherent value. LOL It's my own fault I can't do the stereotypical Jewish mother act with her! :)