October 6th, 2010

Scarf envy!

Enjoy the delightful duo!

Brian, my dear, perhaps in those far-away days of the 60's, in the UK, you believed that the public didn't find them attractive ~

  ~ but these days, especially in the US,
Jewish performers are considered
THE HOTTEST ones EVER! ani in love smileyyesss ani smiley ani eyebrows smiley

From the 2003 Grammy Awards Show

(p.s.: For the past 2 says I've been taking care of Stephy and Bubbie during his couple of days here; so I didn't have a chance to scan the few London shots we finally had developed or upload the few from my own digital camera, nor do we yet have the ones from Bob's camera because my nephew-in-law is taking care of that in whatever free time he can find.)